I grew up in a small town in Northeast Ohio, New Waterford.  We had less than 1000 people and 1 traffic light.  The values of hard work and honesty were a way of life.

     Upon graduation from high school, I was drafted and served in the Vietnam War.  Upon my discharge in '74, I returned to Ohio and opened my very first woodshop.  In this shop we did anything from building houses to making furniture.  My very first contract was a handshake, my times have changed.  In '75 I worked with the historic society of Northeast Ohio.  Our job was to find, dismantle, and reconstruct original log cabins at historic sites or local parks for use as a museum.  I became a master of hand tools at this time because it was important that the reconstruction was done in the same manner as they were built.

     When the work dried up in Ohio in the early 1980's I moved my family and my woodshop to South Florida.  I have been building high end woodwork now for over 30 years in South Florida.  I have worked in some of the most prestigious areas of South Florida.  I have done work for the likes of Cher, Madonna, Stallone, and most notably built 4 stores for Versace internationally as well as his residence before his death.

     During the recession in South Florida I had some free time to develop something new and exciting.  Over the years I learned how to expand the end grain look of a piece of wood.  I was able to develop a line of abstract artwork where the growth rings of each piece of wood would reoccur continuously to create patterns within patterns.  When you look closely you look deeper into the piece of art.  These are one of a kind abstracts.

     In the process of making the end grain patterns, I realized that if an end grain piece of wood is cut thin enough light shines thru the veins.  This led me to develop a line of lampshades made out of high end exotic wood.  These lamps are one of a kind, there are no duplicates.

     After developing the abstracts and lamps, I took over 7500 pieces of scrap wood and created a patch quilt similar to something your grandma would sew.  This incredible piece of art is draped over a stand and appears to be blowing in the wind.  I have found a way to put abstract wood into motion.  It's a one of a kind talent.

     Soon after I finished the quilt, I figured out how to make a "star" out of end grain exotic wood.  That day I began an Olympic monument that contains 9 different International flags with stars in them.  These flags are made of solid would and appear to be FLAPPING in the wind!!!!  All of these pieces of art are 100% real wood and I don't use paint or stains.

    I am one of a handful of wood artists found in an international wood artiist gallery.


    This gallery has a book published every year and my work is featured in that book as well.


Wood Art by Jerry

Woodwork that is only limited by your imagination


Lake Worth, Florida